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Competing at the OCAA and CCAA levels takes a great deal of skill, dedication and heart. Our varsity teams compete in the sports of Badminton, men’s Baseball, men’s and women’s Basketball, men’s and women’s Volleyball, and men’s and women’s Outdoor/Indoor Soccer.
If you think you have what it takes to compete on a Huskies varsity team, get in touch with us by filling out our Varisty Tryout Registration Form!

Tryout Information

For the 2021-22 season, due to enhanced COVID-19 protocols and procedures to help ensure the health and safety of the George Brown College varsity community all students intending on trying our for a varsity sports team MUST PRE-REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE


All prospective student-athletes for the 2021-22 season are also subject to George Brown College's mandatory vaccination policy and must submit a Vaccination Attestation indicating they have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Government of Canada prior to participating in a tryout.

Once the registration form has been successfully submitted, a Varsity Sport Coordinator will follow up with more information on tryout details and any additional requirements (medical forms, vaccination attestation, etc.). Click on the link below to pre-register.


REGISTER NOW                 


Upcoming Tryouts:

Men's Baseball
August 19th at 7pm – Coronation Park
September 1st at 6pm – Christie Pits Park
September 8th at 6pm – Christie Pits Park

Women’s Soccer
August 29th at 6pm – Centennial Park Stadium
Sept 6th at 7pm – Esther Shiner Stadium
Sept 10th at 7pm – Esther Shiner Stadium

Men’s Soccer
August 20th at 9pm – Esther Shiner Stadium
August 29th at 8pm – Centennial Park Stadium
Sept 10th at 9pm – Esther Shiner Stadium

September 14th at 6pm – Casa Loma Athletic Centre
September 17th at 8pm – Casa Loma Athletic Centre
September 21st at 6pm – Casa Loma Athletic Centre

Men's Basketball
September 15th at 4pm – Casa Loma Athletic Centre

Women's Basketball
September 16th at 6pm – Casa Loma Athletic Centre

Men's Volleyball
September 17th at 6pm – Casa Loma Athletic Centre
September 22nd at 8pm – Casa Loma Athletic Centre
September 24th at 6pm – Casa Loma Athletic Centre


Student-Athlete Experience

Student-athletes today - leaders tomorrow. There are many benefits associated with being a varsity student-athlete at George Brown College:
  • Located in the heart of downtown Toronto.
  • Walking distance from major transit stations.
  • The George - our new student residence.
  • Join the community! The Huskies have 10 varsity teams with over 160 registered student-athletes.
  • Represent George Brown College at the highest levels of competition within the OCAA and CCAA.
  • Access certified athletic therapy services and fully-equipped fitness centres for an optimal training environment.
  • Train with provincially and nationally recognized elite coaching staffs.
  • Receive exclusive team-sponsored varsity apparel.
  • Develop soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, and time management.
  • Over 82% of George Brown graduates are employed in Ontario six months after graduation.
  • Over 83% of graduates agree that overall their program has given them the knowledge and skills that will be useful in their future career.
  • Make an impact beyond the field of play by participating in various charitable initiatives within varsity athletics.


Eligibility Guidelines

While participation in Varsity Athletics is an important component of college life, student-athletes must remember that the primary purpose of their attendance at the College is the attainment of a certificate, diploma or degree.

All George Brown College varsity student-athletes must meet the George Brown College academic standards for participation.

Student Status

In order to participate in any game involving OCAA or CCAA schools, all student-athletes must be full-time students in one of the following categories:

  • Full time programs that leads to a diploma, degree, or certificate
  • Tuition-short/Adult retraining programs
  • Apprenticeship
  • Off-audit college programs
  • Cooperative Education Placement
Grade Point Average

Grades will be calculated for eligibility at the completion of each semester. George Brown student-athletes are subject to maintaining a GPA per semester of 1.70 or higher on a 4.00 scale, which is the standard requirement for graduation from George Brown College certificate, diploma or advanced diploma programs. A GPA of 2.30 or higher is required for degree programs.

All athletes must also maintain a passing grade in all course subjects and attend class regularly. Failing to do so may result in sanctions.

Athletic Academic Support Program

The Athletic Academic Support Program is monitored primarily by the Athletics Academic Liaison and is designed to assist the achievement of academic goals by:

  • Facilitating the student-athlete's academic success;
  • Regularly reviewing academic progress;
  • Regularly providing feedback and encouragement;
  • Recognizing academic improvement; and
  • Recognizing the achievement of academic excellence.

Ultimately, responsibility for academic success lies with the student-athlete. The Athletics Department is committed to assisting in the realization of that success.


Financial Aid

Varying forms of athletics financial aid could be available to student-athletes at George Brown College who qualify for them, and are known in the OCAA as Varsity Incentives. George Brown College's varsity incentives are defined as an offer of monetary gain in the possible following categories:
  • Athletic recruitment/retention scholarships
  • Athletic bursaries for student-athletes demonstrating financial need
  • Athletic awards for student-athletes achieving special honours in academics and/or athletics.
Per OCAA regulations, the maximum amount a student-athlete may receive is $1,500 per semester of competition with a maximum amount per calendar year not to exceed $3,000. 
In addition, there are hundreds of additional College-wide scholarships, awards and bursaries that can be applied for to assist with costs of education. Visit the George Brown College Awards & Scholarships page for more information.