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Athletic Centres at St James Campus and Casa Loma Campus each include a fitness centre, single gymnasium, fitness studio, locker rooms with showers, and an athletic therapy clinic.

NOTICE: George Brown College Athletic Centres will be closed starting March 16, 2020 until further notice. But the Athletics & Recreation Department is offering virtual programming for the Spring/Summer 2021 semester, including LIVE Fitness Classes three time per week! Visit the Virtual Campus Recreation and Staying Healthy at Home pages for online fitness programs and more!
To stay informed and up to date on what George Brown College is doing and other services that may be affected, visit the College's COVID-19 Information Page


Looking to meet new people and engage in a group fitness activity? Every semester a series of fitness class are available at both St. James Campus and Casa Loma Campus!

The goal of our Group Exercise Program is to provide you with professional instruction and safe, effective, well-balanced and fun workouts. All of our classes are run by high-quality certified fitness & aerobics instructors and are one hour in duration. We offer a variety of classes that focus on cardiovascular conditioning, strength and conditioning and mind-body awareness and are geared towards all levels of fitness.

Classes operate on an 8-week cycle and participants must register for the entire block by the registration deadline each semester. Drop-in trial access is not available for these core classes.

Fitness class access is included in full-time student fees. Part-time students and George Brown College staff may register for class blocks at a cost of $60 per semester.

In addition, the college's Fitness & Health Promotion program also offers the WAVE Fitness Studios – a fitness facility at the Waterfront Campus where students learn how to work with clients and hone their skills – all under the supervision of faculty. For more information on group exercise classes offered, visit the WAVE Fitness Studios website



St. James Winter 2020 Fitness Schedule       Casa Loma Winter 2020 Fitness Schedule


For more information on Casa Loma fitness classes contact Wendy Roberts-Simpson at or 416-415-5000 x 3335.

For more information on St James fitness classes contact Deanna Oliver at or 416-415-5000 x 2177.






This intermediate/advanced fat burning workout takes you through a variety of cardio and strength training exercises to maximize your calorie burn. Each circuit includes 3-4 exercises for the hips, glutes, thighs, abs and upper body followed by 3 minutes of high-intensity cardio. Go through each circuit once, for a shorter workout, or twice for a longer and more intense workout.



This is a full-body interval training program that burns the maximum number of calories. It is suitable for people with a moderate fitness level and incorporates exercises such as high knees, march twists, uppercuts and knee-to-elbows. You don’t need to have any prior experience in martial arts to join in.



Kettlebell exercises are whole-body exercises requiring full body integration and core stabilization.  This 45-minute class will give you fast results for strength and power in the upper body, muscle toning by challenging both the muscles and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total-body movements at all levels.



This basic-level mat class packs a punch for your Pilates “powerhouse” aka you midriff in lay terms. Targeted exercises help you gain control, strength, power and flexibility. You will see and feel your “core” get stronger each week and gain a renewed sensation of support in your legs and arms.



This basic-level mat class packs a punch for your Pilates “powerhouse” aka you midriff in lay terms. Targeted exercises help you gain control, strength, power and flexibility. You will see and feel your “core” get stronger each week and gain a renewed sensation of support in your legs and arms.  



Using light-to-moderate weights with lots of repetition, PUMP IT UP will tone your body and improve your overall strength and endurance – all set to fun, upbeat music to help keep you motivated.



A cycling class for all fitness levels.  A stationary bike workout set to music that simulates an actual outdoor bike ride through tension adjustments and pedaling technique, you will encounter climbing, sprinting, intervals and rolling terrain, all targeted at raising your heart rate and toning your lower body. This class will make you sweat!  Bring a water bottle!      



Flowing the body from one posture to the next, linking both the breath with the body, meditation in motion.  This class will increase your energy, calm your mind, strengthen your body and will leave you feeling stronger while releasing stress and fatigue.   Flow Yoga promotes whole-body awareness. 



This class is suitable for all levels, focusing on physical health and mental well-being.  The class will strengthen, tone, stretch and relax your entire body through posture alignment, breath and relaxation techniques. This class is suitable for all levels of experience. 



This class emphasizes floor postures to stretch, open and release the entire body.  A gentle approach to yoga for participants looking to focus on the stretching and the restorative and relaxation benefits of yoga.  Benefits include sleeping better, focusing more easily and feeling a warm relaxation spread through your body. All levels of practice are welcome.



Yin Yoga is both a gentle and challenging yoga practice. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, stretching deep tissues and fascia. The slower nature of this practice is often described as a “moving meditation” and classes always incorporate some form of meditation and breathwork. It is an all-levels practice and is accessible to any age or body type. It is a great balance for highly active or athletic individuals as it focuses on increasing flexibility and range of motion. It is ideal for injury prevention and recovery.